Fall/Winter 2022

This collection is inspired by the artist Jean Dubuffet and
his perception of female beauty. In his own words, he
explained his art as a protest against the beauty
standards inherited from the Greeks and cultivated by
fashion magazines.
Amorphic figures with no definition represent his work;
this is interpreted in our collection through patchwork
and embroidery, asymmetry and cut-outs in tailoring,
and hand-knitted garments made from recycled
materials, resembling his famous sculptures like “The
standing beast”. Jewellery pieces like “The Smirker”
present almost childish figures with stones encrusted,
inspired by Art Brut, a genre created by Dubuffet himself;
free of rules and made almost in a naïve way with a twist
of humour.
The materials used in this collection are wool and
viscose blends, recycled cotton and deadstock fabrics.
We strive to create with minimal impact, keeping it as
local as possible; materials, artisan jewellers and small
family workshops.