Alejandra de Coss presents the collection:
"Lovers, dancers & acrobats" Spring/Summer 2022

Timeless pieces, sustainable textiles and ethical production are the DNA of our brand. This season consists of garments with patchwork of parts of the body that stand out, lingerie details joined to oversize tailored pieces, inverted layering: the intimate on the outside, the duality between the masculine and feminine. Hand-woven garments using recycled cotton, revealing figures of dancing women in the pattern. Shirts hand-dyed using natural pigments and pieces made from deadstock textiles. Together they form our Spring-Summer 2022 collection.

The human figure and contemporary art are a constant in our collections. Our most recent proposal entitled "Lovers, dancers & acrobats", takes inspiration from Matisse in his work "Dance" and the fragments of the human body seen in his series of "Blue Nudes" that are reflected both in the garments and in The jewelry; little dancers turned into charms and earrings; intertwined and deconstructed figures such as Picasso's acrobats are references of our pieces. Muses like Fran├žoise Gilot, an artist in her own right, also known as the only woman who dared to leave Picasso. And Dora Maar, a photographer and artist with a distinctive style, although her work remained in the shadow of Picasso; they also inspire us in this collection. Talented women, underrated in their time but ahead of their time, remain current and allow us to tell this story.

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